Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweetheart Ball 2014

Hi! Our names are Sierra, Wesley and Sabrina Allen. Thanks for stopping by! Sierra is a high school senior, Wesley is a sophomore and Sabrina is in 8th grade.

l-r: Sabrina, Wesley and Sierra at the 2013 Sweetheart Ball
You are invited to sponsor and/or attend the 3rd annual Sweetheart Ball on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, in Tooele, Utah. We are organizing this fun dinner and dance as a fundraiser so Sierra and Wesley can go on a Rotary Mexico service trip and so Sabrina can go to Washington DC with her school.

The Sweetheart Ball was a great event in 2013 and we expect it to be even better in 2014. We'll be holding it at the beautiful Community Learning Center in Tooele. It will generate a lot of interest on Social Media like Facebook as well as on our event blog, and provide great exposure to our generous sponsors.

Can we count on your support in helping those less-fortunate in Mexico, and helping a youth get an educational experience in the nation's capital, while also having a grand time at the Sweetheart Ball? Thank you in advance!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mexico Service Trip

2013 Mexico service trip crew
Some e-mails from Rotary leader Brad Barber during the 2013 service trip:

June 9

Have time for a quick email to let you know we're here, safe and ready to get to work. I'll try to email when I can but wifi is spotty. Just wanted you to know all is well!

June 11

Sorry for the limited notices. Wif is sporadic at best.

Two fantastic days of hard work and some fun, too. We're staying on track and reaching our goals. The walls are up and ready for roof tomorrow. Sheves are built and ready to install at the schools. Playground equipment has been delivered and ready to install at the Rotary school.

All is well and the youth are doing a great job!

Thanks for letting them come and make a difference!

June 12

Another hard, hot day at the site. It's been running about 103 to 105 each day. We're on track and a little ahead of what we had hoped to accomplish by the end of the third day. The room is ready for shingles and the interior walls to be framed and then we have completed what we came for. Bookshelves installed at two schools and a set of monkey bars at one school.

Tomorrow we'll complete the house and have our interaction and presentation at the schools. Then a big fiesta dinner at Mar Blue on the beach.

All is well and the kids are NOT excited about being done and coming home...for what it's worth. ;))

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Looking for a fun date on Valentine's Day?
Come to the Sweetheart Ball!

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